Small/Companion Animals

Small animals

Large or small, we care for all animals

Our little companions deserve the best care there is in terms of their health. At Aniworld Veterinary Clinic, pets find a home away from home with state-of-the-art facilities being used for diagnosis and treatment. We also have a pharmacy on-site allowing you to get prescriptions and other supplies for your pet.


Preventive Medicine

Preventive care aims at controlling infection through vaccination and deworming. Pets are exposed to diseases everyday and with vaccination and deworming, we aim at reducing the chances of our little friends getting infected.

Wellness Exams

We provide annual animal examinations to detect and prevent any conditions or illnesses. With these checkups, the pet is examined and tested by professionals who will recommend solutions to ensure the pet is healthy.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Our Diagnostic Laboratory allows us to diagnose everything from routine blood tests to infections that may be making your pet uncomfortable. 

Diet and Nutrition Counselling

We have the right training, resources, and knowledge to give nutritional advice to your animals based on their age and lifestyle. A good diet is the key to a happy and healthy pet which is what we all want.

Animal Treatment

We offer animal treatment for your small companions with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel trained to offer quality care to pets

Animal Surgery

With some interventions requiring surgery, our team of qualified personnel and a fully equipped surgical theater will ensure your pet is safe throughout the surgical process


Our groomers take care of your pets regardless of their size, breed, or age. We offer quality grooming services to ensure a clean and healthy pet.


We advise on maintaining proper anima dental healthcare. Our small companions deserve the best when it comes to dental care and we believe we are the best.


Microchipping involves inserting an identifying integrated circuit under the skin of your animals. This makes finding your pet incase it gets lost much easier.

Behavioral Training

Our training focuses on teaching your pet good behavior making them more obedient and productive when interacting with you as the owner and other people.

Boarding Services

When planning to go on a vacation and cant tag your pet along,  we gave safe and reliable pet boarding services. Our team will take care of your pet for as long as required given it the best time while at our boarding facility.