Large/ Farm Animals

Farm animals

Large or small, we care for all animals

Farm animals need to be cared for if we expect productivity. We at Aniworld ensure that your farm animals from cows, goats, chickens, etc., are healthy. Contact us or visit our clinic for guidance on how to properly care for your farm animals. We care for all animals!


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We provide vaccinations that protect against certain diseases. Vaccinations are a form of preventive care which aims at protecting farm animals from diseases that are likely to attack at a future time

Herd Health Services

Healthy cows are a foundation of a long-lasting profitable herd. We at Aniworld Veterinary Clinic work to ensure that your herd is safe and free of diseases

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Artificial Insermination & Embryo Transfer

The top priority of any diary begins with and ends with healthy cows. We help conduct artificial insermination and transfer embryos ensuring quality and productivity

Pregnancy Diagnosis

We use rectal palpation -which is the standard way of pregnancy testing in cattle. Knowing if your cow is pregnant helps give it the care it deserves and plan for the future

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