Preventive Medicine

We offer Vaccination and Deworming services that will protect and keep your animal in good health

Wellness Examinations


We provide annual animal examination to detect and prevent any conditions or illnesse

Diagnostic Laboratory

Our Diagnostic laboratory allows us to diagnose everything from routine blood tests

Diet & Nutrition Counselling

We have the right training, resources and knowledge to make the nutrition advice for your animals’s age and lifestyle

Animal Treatment


We offer animal treatment for large and small animals inclusive of Pets

Animal Surgery


This is done to treat your animal, prevent disease and protect your animal


Our groomers take care of your pets and extend the services to all sizes, breeds and ages


We advise on maintaining proper animal dental health care



Involves inserting an identifying integrated circuit under the skin of your animal. 

Behavioral Training

Behavioral training involves training the animals to behave in decent and productive manner.

Boarding Services


If you are planning to go for a vaction and you cannot take your pet with you, we offer safe& reliable pet boarding services