A responsible breeder is a good source for a well-bred, healthy pet. Aniworld Veterinary Clinic will carefully select the parents to emphasize desirable attributes and minimize faults in their progeny.

We will explain any health or behavioural predispositions that breed may have. Our clinic can provide full record of both the dam and the sire of the puppy or kitten. Aniworld will start your puppy’s or kitten’s vaccination as soon as they reach vaccination age. Aniworld Veterinary Clinic is not only interested in making a profit off our puppies. We will sign a contract guaranteeing the pet’s health, and ask you to sign a contract promising to return the pet, should you be unable to take care of it and to spay or neuter your pet.

Buying from Aniworld means that you are part of an extended family. If the pet has a crisis at any stage in its life, Aniworld Veterinary Clinic expects a call from you so that we can help you understand and cope with the problem. This is especially comforting to the first time pet owners.

Visit us as many times as possible for your breed. Feel free to visit Aniworld for an examination of our premises to make sure they are clean and that the animals are well cared for. At Aniworld Veterinary Clinic we understand that pets should be clean, well fed, lively and friendly, without any signs of illness.

Visit us to choose a breed of your choice from pet dogs, working dogs, to security dogs.